Sattout E., Elkhanji S., Wehbe M., Faour G., 2016. Value Chain of Stone Pine Forests in Lebanon: Insights on Good Management Practices. Agropine 2016.2nd International Meeting on the Mediterranean Stone Pine for Agroforestry. FAO/IUFRO/CIHEAM/INIA, Portugal. (Paper presentation). [Ongoing Research]

Sattout E., 2015. Stocktaking forest ecosystems knowledge in Eastern Mediterranean Region: What do forest conservation leaders need to know? FORRESTERA “Enhancing FOrest RESearch in the MediTERRAnean through improved coordination and integration” ERA-NET Final Conference. EFI/CIHEAM, Portugal. (Poster). [Ongoing Research]

Sattout E., 2013. Botanical assessment, chemical profiling, and conservation status of Lebanese endemics: guidelines for national conservation policies and adaptation strategy. Biodiversity 14 (2): 111. [Ongoing Research]

Sattout E., 2012. Towards Great Participation of Women in Wildlife Protection in Arab Countries: Capacity needs and innovative approaches. Women Making a Difference: Women in science and innovation working towards sustainable natural resource management and governance in the Mediterranean Region. EFIMED/GIZ/CIHEAM, Tunisia, p. 12.

Sattout E., Fadel M., 2009. Effectiveness of Institutional Framework for Biodiversity Conservation: Will New Governance and Institutional Reform Remediate the Gaps in Implementing Strategies and National Plans? DIVERSITAS Open Science Conference 2: Biodiversity & Society. Cape Town, South Africa, p. 253 (poster). [Ongoing Research]

Forest ecosystems, Lebanon. Principal Investigator
Project: Preliminary site diagnosis on flora biodiversity (Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa) [May ’07 – Dec ’08 ].

Sattout E., Nasser H. 2010. Biodiversity outside protected areas- Case of mushrooms in the Bekaa region. MSc. thesis accomplished, University Holy Sprit Kaslik/Notre Dame University Louaize , Lebanon. [Ongoing Research]

Sattout E., Lattouf D.  2009. Landscape characters and values.  MSc. Thesis accomplished, University Holy Sprit Kaslik/Notre Dame University Louaize, Lebanon. [Ongoing Research]

Eastern Mediterranean forest ecosystems, Lebanon. Principal Investigator
Project: Setting the path towards the establishment of an Integrated National Park in North Lebanon (Akkar- Dunniyeh) and the promotion and support of eco-tourism (MADA Association/Jordanian Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature) [Mar ’06 – Sept ’07].

Coastal & eastern Mediterranean ecosystems, Lebanon. Research Associate
Project: Rashid Karami fairground botanical garden (Plant Sciences Department, AUB) [Oct ’01 – Jun ’02].

Terrestrial ecosystems, Lebanon. Principal Investigator
Project: Yammouneh biological conservation (World Bank/GreenLine Association) [Apr ’01 – Sept ’01].

Forest ecosystems & flora monitoring, Lebanon. Principal investigator
Project: Protected areas project (GEF/UNDP/MOE/GreenLine Association) [Apr ’98 – Dec ’01].

Natural products & biodiversity conservation, Lebanon. Research Associate
Plant Sciences Department (American University of Beirut) [’98-’04].


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