Native trees of Lebanon and neighboring countries: A guidebook for professional and amateurs.
By Sattout E. & H. Zahreddine.

The book provides a comprehensive study of the 68 tree species found in Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean region. It is an important resource for biodiversity academics and enthusiasts alike. It encourages the protection and growth of native tree species, promoting their use in home gardens, parks, public gardens, streetscapes along with reforestation projects. It discusses native trees and their importance in the Middle Eastern region. Along with rich colour photographs, the book introduces forests and people in the eastern Mediterranean context. It compiles detailed information for each species including a botanical description, information on ecology including bird visitors, conservation status and actions, and traditional uses of trees and their cultural values in myths and old stories. It presents propagation methods along with the flowering and fruiting season for each tree.
It is the first book in a series of book .

A photos guide, especially for amateurs, is annexed with a map displaying the distribution of the trees and Lebanese Nature Reserves as well as an infographic on the potential growth and distribution of the tree species along the different vegetation zones defined in Lebanon. The latter shows the range of growth/plantation of the 68 tree species in Lebanon. In annexes also, the book includes a glossary of the technical and scientific terms used and a section displaying botanical illustrations of the key characteristics for identification of trees.

The Book features a foreword from Vernon Heywood, Professor Emeritus, University of Reading and President of the International Association of Botanic Gardens.

Publisher: NDU Press | 2014.
Number of pages: 352 | ISBN 978-9953-558-47-9

Available at:
1. Library Antoine All branches -Lebanon. Online:
2. Library Al-Borj Al-Nahar building, Beirut – Lebanon. Online by sending an email to:
3. Gebran’s Lebanon Library – Old souk, Byblos-Jbeil.
4. Malik’s – All Branches -Lebanon.
5. Virgin Megastore- All Branches -Lebanon.


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