Reconnecting with nature

Off the beaten track. Lebanon Traveler Magazine (LTM), Aug. 2016.

Kings of the Wild Frontier – the mystical majesty of wolves. Beyond Magazine, June 2016.

The other side of Lebanon. Beyond Magazine, June 2016.

A riverside Road trip. LTM, May 2016.

Greening the built environment – new stereotypes or a holistic view of cities. Magazine of Order of Engineers and Architects, Tripoli. March 2016.

Whispering trees in a northern Lebanese village. LTM, May 2015.

Scents of Tripoli. LTM, March 2015.

Wandering the forests of Mount Makmel. LTM,  June 2014.

A leap through time: the Cedar forests. LTM,  June 2013.

Silent autumn, stormy winter. LTM, Dec. 2012.

Northern villages and Green Spaces: Akkar-Donnieh Area. NDU Spirit (53). 2011.

Glimpses of Qannoubine Valley: Biodiversity Imprinted with Ancestor Memories. NDU Spirit (51). 2011.


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