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Category: Reconnecting with Nature

Trampling the Oceans and walking the city!

Parque das Nacoes | Lisbon, Portugal November 23, 2015 The Blue ‘Scape’ seems to be a source of inspiration for all humans. Seas, Oceans and Rivers incited traders to discover […]

Shade of trees in cities and villages

In every country, there is a tree which tells the story of its people, travelers, traders, artists and nature lovers and it reflects their history, culture and beliefs! Humans forgot […]

Sneak peeking in search of homeland gems!

February 22, 2015 Gardens reflect the identities and culture of communities and countries. In some cases, they can take you on tours to visit virtually your homeland and to bond […]

Re-stitching fragmented ecosystems

Would the paths of shepherds bring a new connectivity across villages and towns settled on the low and high lands of Lebanese mountain chains? Could they draw sketches of green […]