Heritage in the hills

With its rich history, magnificent Crusader castle and panoramic views, Tibneen makes for a refreshing excursion in the south, as biodiversity conservationist Elsa Sattout discovers. #LebanonTraveler, Issue 21 – December 2016. […]

Kings of the Wild Frontier – the mystical majesty of wolves

#Beyond Magazine, Winter 2017 http://www.beyond-magazine.com/kings-of-the-wild-frontier-the-mystical-majesty-of-wolves/ ‘I guess I’m pretty much of a lone wolf. I don’t say I don’t like people at all, but, to tell you the truth, I only like it […]

Off the Beaten Track

Touring Lebanon’s lesser-visited forests| Get to know native trees of Lebanon. #Lebanon Traveler Magazine, Issue 20 – August 2016. Lebanon’s cedars are a source of national pride, tied up with the country’s […]

Wilderness feels like home – Vol. 3

An up-close-and-personal encounter with nature in Jaj  Jbeil District – Lebanon | August 1, 2016 Intimate encounters with mountains and nature in Jaj in Jbeil district can be so inspiring that […]

Wilderness feels like home – Vol. 2

An engaging ‘flowscape’ for hikes and bike rides in northern Lebanon  Zgharta District | July 20, 2016. In the northern Mount Lebanon Chain, the ‘flowscape’ of mixed pine, cypress and oak […]

The Other Side of Lebanon

Authenticity at home – June 16, 2015 | Beyond Magazine July, 2016. Do we always need to go back to where our roots as humans lie and search for the […]

Wilderness feels like home – Vol. 1

Prancing on rolling hills in northern Lebanon in Akkar El Atika Akkar District – Lebanon |  July 13, 2016   We might always wonder about the secret of places that inspire […]

Wellness stemming from diversity

Strolling into alleys of an Old coastal city | Byblos – June 24, 2016. We might wonder on the best place to bring back enchantment to the heart, gratitude to the […]

Bisri: A Riverside roadtrip

#Lebanon Traveler | Hidden Gems | Lebanon Traveler Magazine, Issue 19. Biodiversity conservationist Elsa Sattout uncovers Bisri, a little-known village located in the heart of a valley where nature meets […]

A handmade natural mosaic

Une nature fait main au Palais Eddé Garden of Eddé Castle | Edde, Jbeil – Byblos, Lebanon. March 23, 2016 We may wonder sometimes if home gardens reflect cultural identities […]

Dlebta: Village in the valley

  Lebanon Traveler Magazine, Issue 18. Mount Lebanon, Lebanon. Biodiversity conservationist Elsa Sattout takes us on a trip to her local green getaway, Dlebta, a village where natural landscapes meet […]